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1. What is the Support Lifecycle policy?
The xWedge Software Support Lifecycle policy standardizes product support policies for Consumer and Business Application products.

The new Support Lifecycle policy provides:
Support to be offered for either a minimum of 1 year from the date of a product's general availability, or for 1 year after the successor product is released, whichever is longer. xWedge Software will typically release new versions annually. The xWedge Software Support Lifecycle policy is a worldwide policy. However, xWedge Software understands that local laws, market conditions, and support requirements differ around the world and differ by industry sector. Customers and partners can contact their xWedge Software account representative for more information.

2. If my program is currently supported under the Support Lifecycle policy, but my operating system is not supported, can I still receive support for the program?
For example, can I receive support for xWedge Software running on Microsoft Windows 98?
If the problem is specific to the program, xWedge Software will provide support. If the problem is a result of the combination of the operating system and the program, that particular problem will not be supported.

3. Why are you defining the Support Lifecycle policy?
The Support Lifecycle policy establishes a clear and predictable policy for product support timelines. The policy helps customers and partners manage their support requirements. The policy also allows both product planning and information technology planning in organizations based on knowledge of the support timelines for xWedge Software products.

4. If I have multiple xWedge Software products do they all share the same support lifecycle timelines?
The xWedge Software Support Lifecycle timelines are consistent by product family for new and future versions of its products. However, older versions of xWedge Software products may have different lifecycle timelines. Therefore, it is important to verify the exact product support dates for your product.

5. After the xWedge Software assisted and paid support offerings have ended, what are my options if I want to continue to receive support?
Support will no longer be available for discontinued versions. For information on how to purchase Product Upgrades please visit our Web Site.

6. What is the Support Lifecycle for minor releases of major products?
Minor releases follow the same Support Lifecycle as the major product release.

7. How can customers and partners estimate the support lifecycle for products that are not yet available or that are still in the Mainstream Support phase?
The Support Lifecycle policy is designed to help take the guesswork out of the length of time xWedge Software provides support for a product. The lifecycle combines 1 year of Mainstream Support or 1 year after the successor product is released, whichever is longer. Products that release new versions annually will receive 1 year of Mainstream Support. For information about end-of-support dates and any other support options (if applicable) for all products, Contact xWedge Software.

8. How long can I legally use xWedge Software products after I have licensed it and is the term of my software license affected by the Support Lifecycle policy?
The Support Lifecycle policy has no effect on how long you can use a product. The Support Lifecycle policy outlines how long xWedge Software will provide technical support for products.

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